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* Make discover() method more flexibleHEAD0.0.8masterFrédéric Guillot2018-10-272
* Enable tests for Python 3.7Frédéric Guillot2018-10-033
* Make create_feed() method more flexibleFrédéric Guillot2018-10-034
* Update link to the documentationFrédéric Guillot2018-10-031
* Set default timeout to 30 seconds0.0.7Frédéric Guillot2018-06-232
* Add feed credentials support and better object updateFrédéric Guillot2018-06-233
* Use more flexible way to define filtersFrédéric Guillot2018-06-104
* Add new method for /me endpoint0.0.6Frédéric Guillot2018-05-153
* Include readme in package description0.0.5Frédéric Guillot2018-05-112
* Add method to import OPML feeds0.0.4Frédéric Guillot2018-04-303
* Bump version0.0.3Frédéric Guillot2018-04-181
* Add a timeout to requests made by miniflux.ClientAbhinand2018-04-173
* Add export() method0.0.1Frédéric Guillot2018-01-133
* Add method get_user_by_username()Frédéric Guillot2017-12-263
* Strip trailing slash of the base URLFrédéric Guillot2017-12-263
* Simplify setup.pyFrédéric Guillot2017-12-251
* Add CI configurationFrédéric Guillot2017-12-251
* First commitFrédéric Guillot2017-12-2510