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* This version of Miniflux is not maintained anymoreHEADmasterFrédéric Guillot2018-01-131
* Update ChangeLogFrédéric Guillot2018-01-051
* Update links to repoFrédéric Guillot2018-01-056
* Updating github url in Dockerfile to reflect legacy name changeAndrew Davidson2017-12-301
* Improve migration scriptFrédéric Guillot2017-12-293
* Update README linksSam Tyler2017-12-281
* Add migration script to Miniflux 2Frédéric Guillot2017-12-232
* Rename zh_TW translations folderKy0n2017-12-162
* Use search input type instead of text (#755)Ing. Jan Kaláb2017-12-154
* added zh-TW language support.ky0ncheng2017-12-072
* Remove referrer CSP policyFrédéric Guillot2017-12-021
* Remove doc links from help pageFrédéric Guillot2017-12-021
* Remove useless filesFrédéric Guillot2017-12-027
* Use Alpine/Nginx/PHP7 for the Docker imageFrédéric Guillot2017-12-0216
* Added php7.0-mysql installation to DockerfileNathan Kunicki2017-11-301
* Update PicoFeedFrederic Guillot2017-11-0241
* Add Polish translations (#741)JacekK2017-11-023
* Add distro to .travis.ymlFrederic Guillot2017-11-021
* Added myself as contributor (#723)Alexander Steinhöfer2017-08-191
* Fix getItemsByStatus API call example (#722)Alexis Mousset2017-08-191
* Fixing french typos.Brendan Chabannes2017-08-191
* Update ru-RU localedenfil2017-07-121
* Add into sqlite db index by items statusdenfil2017-07-101
* Update ChangeLogFrederic Guillot2017-06-241
* Update PicoFeedFrédéric Guillot2017-06-2022
* Mentioned Shaarli support in READMEAlexander Steinhöfer2017-06-161
* TypoIng. Jan Kaláb2017-06-141
* Updated Czech localeIng. Jan Kaláb2017-06-141
* Update localesFrederic Guillot2017-06-1214
* Add option for saving bookmarks as "unread" to pinboard (PR #694)Alexander Steinhöfer2017-06-124
* Update .gitignore fileFrederic Guillot2017-06-123
* Update PicoFeedFrederic Guillot2017-06-12326
* Add Shaarli support (PR #693)Alexander Steinhöfer2017-06-114
* Updated Czech translationsIng. Jan Kaláb2017-06-071
* Update CI setupFrederic Guillot2017-06-047
* Update german localeSteffen Schultz2017-06-041
* Handle HTTP header "X-Forwarded-Proto: https"Frederic Guillot2017-06-041
* Update themes.markdownlacereation2017-05-231
* Updated Hungarian translationsmb2017-05-031
* Merge pull request #673Frédéric Guillot2017-04-111
| * Update ru_RU localedenfil2017-04-111
* Update to PicoFeed v0.1.33Frederic Guillot2017-04-076
* Update translationsFrederic Guillot2017-04-0514
* Add subscription option to ignore expire headerFrederic Guillot2017-04-056
* Show feed dates on edit subscription pageFrederic Guillot2017-04-0516
* Update to PicoFeed v0.1.32Frederic Guillot2017-04-05228
* Merge pull request #670Frédéric Guillot2017-04-023
| * Add the getItemsByStatus API callGeorge Baev2017-04-023
* Merge pull request #660Frédéric Guillot2017-03-293
| * Allow the Reading Preferences to be configured in the config.php fileGeorge Baev2017-03-153