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* Update Makefile to be compatible with GNU and BSD sedHEADmasterTim Zhang2018-10-231
* Simplify Dockerfile and fix ARM variantsFrédéric Guillot2018-09-175
* Add the possiblity to override default image name and to prune imagesFrédéric Guillot2018-09-172
* Initial work to get multi-arch workingrefs/pull/3/headDustin Brewer2018-09-165
* Update Makefile to tag latest versionFrédéric Guillot2018-09-121
* Use latest tag in docker compose exampleFrédéric Guillot2018-07-231
* Upgrade image to Alpine Linux 3.8Frédéric Guillot2018-07-061
* Add timezone dataPatrick2018-07-061
* Update example to version 2.0.9Frédéric Guillot2018-07-011
* Update version in docker-composer.yml sampleFrédéric Guillot2018-06-051
* Add named volume to docker compose fileFrédéric Guillot2018-05-171
* Update version in exampleFrédéric Guillot2018-05-081
* Update docker-compose exampleFrédéric Guillot2018-04-211
* Update readmeFrédéric Guillot2018-01-232
* Use tag 2.0.0 in docker-compose.ymlFrédéric Guillot2018-01-121
* Add ca-certificates to imageFrédéric Guillot2018-01-051
* Add docker-compose.yml exampleFrédéric Guillot2017-12-291
* First commitFrédéric Guillot2017-12-154